jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

Predictions 2018. A year of reckoning. @forrester

Hoy traemos a este espacio este documento guía titulado "Predictions 2018. A year of reckoning" de Forrester.

Economies are growing. Stock markets are climbing. Employment is healthy. These are all positive signs of the marketplace as a whole.
But the fate of individual companies has never been more uncertain,and the window of opportunity is closing for many companies
unprepared or unable to adapt to new market realities.

Many factors are combining to define the fate of companies: Unmet customer expectations are resulting in churn; the lack of digital transformation gains is translating to loss of market share; industry lines that protected some are crumbling; and longstanding, durable business models are failing.

For some, it feels like a burning platform mandating bold action;for others, it will be the quiet but real deterioration of their business.
Forrester’s 2018 predictions describe the market dynamics that favor those taking aggressive action and create existential risk for those still holding on to what has worked before. 2018 will force decisive action for firms looking to:

1. Take control of their destiny as platforms like Amazon and Google drive up disintermediation risk and make some companies unintentional utilities.

2. Shift spend away from acquisition to confront escalating churn.

3. Revitalize customer experience in a market where rewards and punishments are doled out experience by experience.

4. Transition to digital companies while maintaining their corporate identity and soul. We hope our 2018 predictions provide new insights and help catalyze action.(leer más...)

Fuente: [ slideshare vía Forrester]

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