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Democratizing cities. Conference Indy Johar @indy_johar

Perhaps the challenge has never been capitalism or communism but something more fundamental - the very nature of the organisation of society. You could argue we have over the last 200 years been on a systematic transformation of society from being intrinsically driven to extrinsically organised. This was a very structured transformation from the rise of transferrable of property rights, to the facilitation of consumer debt, to the growth of the wage driven economy as opposed to an asset driven — creating the system precariousness to support one could argue the instrumentalisation of citizens by corporate management, essential to unlock our industrial economies and their centralized models of innovation. At the centre of this transformation is the instrumentalisation of being human, and the conversion of being human into a unit of labour and consumption.
Indy Johar

Hoy traemos a este espacio este video de la conferencia de Indy Johar - Democratizing cities. Democracia no puede ser ya votar cada 4 años, sino, entre otras cosas, la posibilidad de crear sociedad y construir presente.. collaborative creation ..collaborative economy ...tambien os dejamos algunos s tweets de la conferencia....

Indy Johar - Democratizing cities. 
Zero zero
From The Conference August 17, 2016

”Every human is a phenomenally powerfully intelligence machine, yet we all treat them as bad robots who won't get it”

Indy Johar is not only the co-founder of Zero Zero, he’s also an architect. By studying not only houses, but also structures and cities, he’s learned how to see the bigger picture. A picture that reveals how we can view cities as places for collaborative innovation.

How do we make buildings that both look good and do good? By focusing on civic architecture and transforming real estate to real value, we can reinvent and create better cities.

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