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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. (2016). NPDL Global Report. (1st ed.). @newpedagogies

Hoy traemos a este espacio este paper de New Pedagogies for Deep Learning titulado "New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. (2016). NPDL Global Report. (1st ed.). "

The views in this paper are the views of the researchers and do not necessarily reflect those of NPDL Cluster participants. New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) is an international initiative directed by Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen. Our thanks to the Hewlett Foundation for their sponsorship of our wider deep learning work. For more information about the partnership, visit www.npdl.global. Special thanks to the NPDL Cluster leaders whose interviews contributed to this report: Lynn Davie, Daphne Cohen, Max Drummy, Ben Wilson (Australia), Anita Simpson, Dana Liebermann, Bill Hogarth, Patrick Miller (Canada), Vesa Åyrås, Kati Tiainen, Kaisa Jussila (Finland), Marlou van Beek, Baukje Bemener (Netherlands), Derek Wenmoth, Margot McKeegan (New Zealand), Claudia Brovetto, Andrés Peri, and Fiorella Gago (Uruguay); and to all students, teachers, staff, and communities in NPDL Clusters across the globe, whose work in schools and wider communities is contributing to deep learning on a global scale

Aquí os dejamos el sumario de los contenidosm y el executive summary, para orientarnos:

(leer más...) Fuente: [ slideshare vía NPDL ]

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