sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

Gamification of Training [infografía] [Infographic]

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de Interactive Services Gamification of Training .... que se presenta así:

Interactive Services has designed its second infographic of 2013. This contains some valuable information about game-based training design for business. Learn how gamification can be a highly engaging method of training employees and how it is being used to support performance initiatives in businesses globally.
We recently ran a webinar in association with Integrys Energy Group on “The Gamification of Compliance Training”and received a fantastic response. It was clear from the high level of audience participation in the Q&A that followed the event that gamification of training is a hot topic at the moment. This infographic incorporates many of the key points from that webinar and may be useful to any company that is considering gamification for training.

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